Design for Independence is a private occupational therapy company specialising in home adaptation.

We help our clients find new properties or adapt their current home to meet their needs.  We have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in specialist equipment, furniture and technology for people with disabilities.  We provide manual handling risk assessments and training for carers.

Our managing director, Anava Baruch, is an expert witness in accommodation and equipment – working on behalf of people who have suffered personal injury or medical negligence and who are pursuing claims through the legal system.

Our clients include people with degenerative conditions, such as multiple sclerosis (MS), dementia (including Alzheimer’s), Parkinson’s and polio; brain and spinal cord injuries; visual and cognitive impairments; and the elderly.

We work across England and Wales and have also worked internationally – in France, Hungary and Israel to date.

Your occupational therapist was understanding of my condition, sympathetic to my needs and clear in her explanations. Her work was quick and efficient. The service I received could not have been improved upon.

Mr KPF, London

It was fantastic for me to meet up with you today. I felt it was so important for you to see how you changed my life. I have a beautiful home thanks to you. You are a positive energy and pass it on to the people you meet, I was a lucky one to meet you – you are what I call an earth angel, thank you

Ms J, London

My client is extremely happy with your input and doesn’t know what they would have done without you over these last few months liaising with the architect etc

Vicki Farrell, Case Manager, Brownbill Associates Ltd

We were incredibly pleased with the work done by Design for Independence.

Tracy Harris, Home Solutions Manager, Papworth Trust

My parents have a large number of friends and I will definitely pass on your information to them. We will make sure people know who designed the house.

Ms. R, Manchester